Vice-President Meriton Conducts Last Visit for 2019 in the South Region

The Vice-President, Mr. Vincent Meriton visited two entrepreneurs in the South Region on Tuesday 17th December, 2019. The first visit was at Maison Marengo at Au Cap, whereby the Vice-President expressed his satisfaction with the way that a young Seychellois has added value to a property to provide local cuisine to locals and foreigners alike. Maison Marengo is only one year in operation and they have throughout the year kept their services to a high standard. Mr. Kevin Marengo and the Vice-President additionally discussed on future plans for the entrepreneur.

The second visit was at Trois Freres Distillery, known as Takamaka Bay whereby the Vice-President had a tour of the distillery and the laboratory whilst having discussions with the owner, Mr. Richard D’Offay. Trois Freres Distillery provides various services and products which are available to tourists and locals. It is important to note that Takamaka Bay products are also being exported to several countries such as Germany, United Kingdom and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Vice-President explained that through facilities provided by Government, these two entrepreneurs are good examples of how private sector can contribute to enhance the culture and heritage of Seychelles, as both properties are currently being managed by Seychelles Heritage Foundation.