ESA partners with SSTF in the workshop on Building Resilience in the Handicraft Sector

A workshop was organized by the Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Foundation (SSTF) today, 11th July 2020, to educate artisans on how to build resilience in the Handicraft Sector. This sector is very important as it possesses cultural values, traditional skill sets and special expertise. With the support of ESA, SSTF brought together several stakeholders to support the artisans in light of the new opportunities arising for the handicraft sector.

The aim of the workshop is to provide potential immediate responses for certain expertise in the handicraft sector by shedding light on the existing post-COVID-19 demand and opportunities and introducing stakeholders that can provide support. ESA representative, Mr. Brian Nicette participated in the workshop being held in CEPS Conference Room at Orion Mall to educate the MSMEs on how ESA can assist them during this difficult period.