Public Health Announcement for Restaurants, Spas, Fitness Centers & Gym – Reopening Strategy

Dear Business Operators,

Following the recent press conference by the Ministry of Health on the gradual lifting of certain restrictions put in place to contain and prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Public Health Authority (PHA) has informed us of further clarity to inform the Business Community on the updated measures.

PHA has worked on a checklist which will act as a guide for businesses resuming operations. The checklist will highlight what needs to be in place in order to meet the public health standards with regards to the current pandemic conditions. The checklist will enable your establishment and the Public Health Officer to assess the establishment as all “satisfactory” or if there are issues that you need to work on or there are too many “not satisfactory”. The process below has been prescribed by PHA.

The following steps needs to be adhere to:

1. Self Asses your establishment with regards to the measures provided in the checklist. Once you feel you have address all the measures, please sign the declaration on the electronic form and submit through google form. Once you have submitted the document you will be contacted by a Public Health Officer to review your assessment. Your establishment CANNOT be reopened until validation by the public health officers is done. ONLY then you will be free to open your establishment.

2. Details with regards to checklist:

a.    Forms are to be submitted electronically through the google forms ONLY but we do encourage that you also review the manual form also.

b.    Spas –

c.    Fitness Centers and Gym –

d.    Restaurants –  

     3. Public Health Assessment

a.    The assessment by the Public Health Officer will be done as from Tuesday morning for all those that have submitted their assessment as per above.  

 4.    Open Business Safely Hotline

a.    To assist business open safely we have established a new hotline in partnership with CONNECT Call Center. The hotline number is 6440000.

b.    The purpose of the hotline is to assist businesses with the following:

                                              i.     Confirmation that your assessment has been submitted

                                             ii.     Guidance on Public Health Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

                                           iii.     General Enquiries with regards to the process of resumption of business.

                                           iv.     General Enquiries with the Public Health Officer.

c.    The number will be handled from 8am-4pm.

d. The Purpose of the HOT LINE is NOT for booking of appointments. Submission are done per the communique which has been sent to the PRIVATE SECTOR.

         End of Communique