ESA meets with Minister for Tourism & Cultural Affairs from Sierra Leonne

A delegation from the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, headed by its Minister, H.E Dr. Memunatu B. Pratt met with Enterprise Seychelles Agency (ESA) to discuss and share our experience about development of micro, small and medium Enterprises in the Seychelles. The team from ESA was joined with representatives from the Seychelles Licensing Authority and the Ministry of Investment, Entrepreneurship and Industry who also discussed the licensing regime for sustainable businesses in the country and policies and strategies being developed related to the business environment.

Her Excellency was very pleased to note the support mechanism that the Agency has put in place to facilitate the growth of MSMEs and the need to continue such exchanges so that both countries can learn from each other’s best practices. The meeting was held on Wednesday 7th September 2022 at Camion Hall building.