Food Handlers on Praslin Participates in Food Hygiene and Safety Training

Enterprise Seychelles Agency in collaboration with Bridge-It Consultancy organized a Food Safety and Hygiene training at the Pension Complex at Grand Anse Praslin on Tuesday 20th September 2022.

This training was designed to build the capacity of food handlers in food safety procedures and practices. The aim was:

  • To provide information to front-line food handlers on how to maintain high standards of food hygiene and safety and to meet the needs of the food and catering industry;
  • To build more competencies and human resource capacity in food hygiene and safety, hence creating more employment opportunities for individuals and local businesses; and
  • Creating wealth and promoting consumer trust and confidence.

The training targeted high risks food handlers in the categories of street food vendors, food van operators, take-away operators, fast food outlets and food caterers.

The training program additionally includes follow-up after the training to monitor whether the standards and practices are actually being applied in their business.