Invitation to the SAFE (Salon des Femmes Entrepreneurs) Exhibition

ln order to further strengthen the friendly exchanges between Malagasy women owned businesses and women owned businesses in COMESA and Africa, and to promote economic and commercial exchanges and cooperation between businesses in COMESA region, the Malagasy Croup of Women Entrepreneurs {CFEM) will hold the Salon des Femmes Entrepreneures {SAFE} from 17 to 19 March 2023.

The exhibition is jointly organised by the association Women Entrepreneur of Analamanga, a member of the Croup.

For Female exhibitors and friends from all walks of life in Africa who are eager to participate in the exhibition, negotiate business deals and foster various types of economic and trade cooperation, please see below details about the exhibition and how to register.

Name: SAFE 2023

Date: 17 – 19 March 2023


Organizers: Croupement des Femmes Entrepreneures de Madagascar/ Femme Entrepreneu re Analamanga

How to register: Tel: +261 03415717 96 – 032 02729 99  E-mail: secretaire.fea@g mai

For additional information contact the Liaison Officer Madagascar chapter:

+261 34 54 554 94 {Watsapp)/comtwU.maOa@gmailffi